François FAGES
PhD, Hab

Dr François Fages heads the Constraint Programming group at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt. Since 2002, in parallel to his research on computational logic, he investigates the use of programming theory concepts and methods in cell Systems Biology. His early work on the use of temporal logic to formalize the biological properties of complex molecular interaction maps led him to the design of the Biochemical Abstract Machine (Biocham) modelling environment. This software distributed since 2003 has evolved for handling discrete, continuous and stochastic models and includes original model-checking, parameter search and robustness analysis procedures based on temporal logics. The main application domains investigated by the group are signalling networks in partnership with INRA, coupled models of cell cycle, circadian cycle and effects of cytotoxic drugs for cancer therapies in partnership with INSERM, and synthetic biology in partnership with INSERM, Genopole Evry, and with participation to the IGEM competition.

Dr François Fages received is PhD in Logic and Computer Science at the University of Paris VI in 1983 and his Habilitation Thesis at the University of Paris VII in 1992. After a first carrier of researcher at CNRS Ecole Normale Supérieure and of teacher at Ecole Polytechnique, he joined INRIA in 1999 where he became senior research scientist. He has been the principal investigator of several National and European research contracts, and has supervised 17 PhD Theses. He gives a course on Computational Methods in Systems and Synthetic Biology at the University of Paris.