Hans V. Westerhoff, cum laude MSc Biochemistry PhD Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Amsterdam, has been visiting scientist for 5 year at the NIH-Bethesda, before returning to the Netherlands Cancer Institute.  Presently he is Professor of Microbial Physiology (Free University) and Professor Mathematical Biochemistry (University of Amsterdam) both in Amsterdam, AstraZeneca Professor of Systems Biology at the University of Manchester, director of the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology as well as Director of the Manchester Doctoral Training Centre on Systems Biology (www.MCISB.org).  He (co-) authored over 400 publications, beginning in energetics and metabolic regulation and now culminating in various aspects of Systems Biology.  Present interests include the ‘virtual human’, hierarchical control and regulation analysis, differential network-based drug design in the contexts of sleeping sickness, cancer and diabetes.