Dr Franck MOLINA
Director of SysDiag FRE 3009 CNRS/Bio-rad, Biological complex systems modelling and engineering for diagnosis Montpellier, France

Since I’ve been at the university I have been crossing disciplines from physics, computing to experimental biology. For my phD I combined experimental biology with biocomputing approaches in order to better understand complex autoimmune disorders. To carry on this way, I joined Tom Blundell group in Cambridge for biophysic and biocomputing research on MAP Kinases. After, being recruited at CNRS in 1999, I initiated a new project on emerging systems biology and started a new biocomputing group in CNRS Montpellier. Our original view on biological processes (functions) modelling was distinguished by the bronze medal from CNRS in 2005. Next to my academic involvements, I experienced since more than 15 years close relationships with industrial research. These interactions led to original works patented and under current exploitations. In January 2007 I created SysDiag, a new interdisciplinary lab (math, computing, experimental biology) for complex systems modelling and engineering for the diagnosis mixing academic (CNRS) and industrial (Biorad) forces.