Miroslav RADMAN

Born April 30, 1944 in Split (Croatia). Citizen of Croatia and France; resident of France. Married to Danica Radman, ethnomusicologist, Three children. Currently professor of cell biology at the Medical School of the Rene Descartes University – Paris-5. Founder and president of the Mediterranean Institute of Life Sciences (MedILS) in Split, Croatia.

Science adviser to the Prime Minister of Croatia. Member of the French « Academie des Sciences », Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Academia Europaea, World Academy of Arts and Sciences and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Recipient of over a dozen of major international and national science awards. Spoke as keynote or plenary speaker at 29 international congresses, invited speaker to over 200 international science meetings. Gave over 500 public lectures and seminars worldwide. Published about 190 research and review articles in the areas of DNA repair, DNA replication, mutagenesis, genetic recombination, evolution, microbiology and cancer research, that were cited about 15.000 times. Average impact factor of research papers in last 5 years is 11.4. Three discoveries (SOS system, mismatch repair and molecular basis of the genetic barriers between related species) are present in the basic genetics and molecular biology textbooks worldwide.